7 Tips for Having a Healthy Pregnancy

Do you plan on getting pregnant soon?  If so, you may be asking yourself what it takes to have the healthiest pregnancy possible.  Although things can happen that are beyond the mother’s control, the mother does play a crucial role in determining how healthy her baby will

Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy

Women’s pregnancy stage is said to be one of the most crucial parts of their lives. In fact, this is where a lot of critical illnesses and bizarre bodily changes happen. What makes it even riskier is the fact that there are two lives that should be

Lively Exercises To Do During Pregnancy

The natural state of motherhood is selflessness. When you become a mother, you are no longer the heart of your own world. You pass over that privilege to your little munchkins. Every single expecting mother is constantly worrying about her baby’s health and wellbeing. They also wish

Pregnancy Diet Alert

Eating healthy food and planning healthy diet are very crucial to achieve a strong and fit body. More than the benefits it can do to the physical body of a person, having a healthy dietcan also nurture mental and emotional aspects. If a normal person’s body requires

12 Shocking Facts of Teen Pregnancy

Once a girl reaches fertility regardless of the age, biologically speaking, she can actually produce an offspring because her body had already become ready. However, since our community had put up a norm that we should strictly obey, having an offspring at such an early age has

Cramping In Early Pregnancy

The nerves and jitters of a first pregnancy are unrelenting. You have read every book, listened to every woman who has ever given birth, called your mom five times a day but you still don’t know what to expect. Cramping is one of the biggest concerns, especially

Ovulation Meaning And Symptoms

What Does Ovulating Mean To ovulate means that you are forming eggs and that your eggs are about to come down into the tubes and they will lead to you having a period, unless you are intimidate with a man through his sperm then you will end

How to Sterilize Baby Bottles The Right Way

If you have a baby, of course you want to ensure that you take care of everything that your baby will need because babies are so prone to sickness infections. They’re also vulnerable to different things as they are tiny little infants who don’t have strong immune